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I find this so facinating and well written by Tim Puzak regarding this DSS fragment of Leviticus 11 regarding clean unclean animals.
Tim Says: "This fragment contains text from Leviticus 11:27-32. Paleo script, unlike our modern (modern as compared to the more ancient script, but still very old, dating to 586 BCE) Hebrew square script is distinct to each time period. The Paleo script is simpler to date because it may be compared to other dated writings and coins. The script found on this fragment is most similar to script found around 100 BCE.

Here in Leviticus 11 we find an extensive list of animals that were designed to be eaten as well as a list of animals that were unclean for food. Not all animals were designed to be eaten. The bat is a good example, as we have seen in recent headlines. Some animals carry disease but were designed, each with a purpose. Some bats spread seeds, and keep insect populations in check.

Every moving thing was designed for a purpose and has a use. However, they were not all designed to be eaten. The bear, the wolf and the lion, remove diseased and weak animals from the land. These and others like the swine are scavengers and process dead animals so they are quickly removed from our environment. The shrimp, lobster, oyster and shark; clean up toxins/wastes from the sea. Likewise the eagle, vulture, and hawk help to remove wastes and weak animals from the land.

It is not like the Creator is withholding something good from us to eat. It is with complete love that He does not want those toxins and diseases to get into our bodies!

He has reserved the best of all animals for us to eat. A short list of some of the clean animals to eat would include; the deer, the buffalo, and trout. For a complete list of the animals, that may be eaten and those not designed for food, may be found in Leviticus 11.

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