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PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 12:56 pm 
Shalom All!
I find this fascinating that they can study the DNA of ancient scrolls and tell where they came from and from which animal.
"The 25,000 fragments that make up the Dead Sea Scrolls are considered by many to be the archaeological discovery of the 20th century. They were found mostly in the decade following 1947, yet 21st century techniques still have more to teach us about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and thus about Second Temple Judaism at the time of Jesus.

A highly technical study released on June 11, 2020 in the Journal Cell examines the Dead Sea Scrolls by identifying the ancient DNA of the animals–mostly sheep, but also cow, goat, and other bovids–whose skin formed the underlying parchment. The DNA analysis allowed a definitive determination that some fragments were not part of the same scroll as others, and also to establish that some scrolls at Qumran had come from outside the area.
The Essene sect at Qumran is considered more mystical than typical Second Temple Judaism. One concern of scholars has been that the discovered library of the Dead Sea Scrolls might not be fully representative of Jewish practice at the time. By demonstrating via this DNA analysis that many of the scrolls came from elsewhere across Judea, the study suggests to scholars that the library of scrolls, including some of the oldest surviving manuscripts that would become part of the Hebrew Bible and extra-biblical manuscripts, was probably broadly representative of Jewish religious thought during the Second Temple period.

In the study, researchers were able to establish that four copies of the book of Jeremiah were represented among the fragments, each a different version. This suggests Jewish society of the Second Temple period was open to differently worded versions circulating simultaneously, with emphasis more on the larger meaning and themes conveyed, and less insistence on the precise wording of the religious scripture.
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Another liturgical composition, known as the Song of the Sabbath Sacrifice, was even more prevalent than the biblical scrolls themselves, with fragments of some ten copies from the Qumran caves, and another at Masada. Previous supposition had been that the Masada copies had been brought from Qumran. Thanks to the DNA analysis, researchers were able to determine that the copy at Masada had not come from Qumran, but rather from elsewhere. They conclude that the mystical Song of the Sabbath Sacrifice was more broadly available and thus more likely to have survived in hidden pockets for long enough to influence the Jewish mystical literature that emerged centuries later into the Middle Ages.
75 years after their discovery, the Dead Sea Scrolls aren’t done teaching us about Second Temple Judaism and the emergence of Christianity. Even further new techniques will hopefully keep yielding insights for decades to come."
More can be found here:

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:37 am 
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Shalom Matt,
Fascinating! I think the same can be said about the gospels, even those that weren't included into the biblical canon. The main focus was to get the message across. Precisely recording what was said and done by Jesus wasn't taken into consideration as long as what he stood for and what he taught was accurately portrayed.

Peace and blessings always!

"You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." -- John 8:32

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